Would you turn up to work drunk?

Can you imagine the scenario of one of your work colleagues turning up drunk to the office on a Monday morning? It may entertain a few people but it’s clearly incredibly unprofessional and I’m sure they would be disciplined, ridiculed and sent home pretty quickly. Coming into work drunk is generally frowned upon in most […]

Are You A Night Owl Or A Morning Lark?

I’m sure you’ve heard the terms ‘night owl’ or ‘morning lark’ but did you realise how this particular trait can affect so many aspects of your life? Every person has their own chronotype or a personal preference for the way that they function throughout the day. Morning larks love to wake up early and get […]

Should You Use Protein Powder to Lose Weight and Tone?

A female friend recently asked me, “Am I supposed to use protein powder? Because I don’t want to gain muscle, I just want to tone and lose weight”. This isn’t a simple yes or no answer, so let’s take a deeper look into protein supplements… What is protein powder? Protein powder is a dietary supplement […]

“I know I need to stretch more but I don’t know how”

The title of this blog post is most likely something you have said before, or something along those lines. We all know that it will help us get rid of those annoying and nagging pains in the lower portion of our back and neck among other places but we rarely actually do it. Why? There […]

Why a Lack of Sleep is Making You Fat

You’re training hard, your diet is on point, you’ve started to stretch and mobilise your body regularly, but that stubborn belly fat just won’t shift… Sound familiar? We see this so often where clients are pushing so hard but simply forgetting about a basic essential need, – Sleep!  Sleep is crucial for your health and […]

Fail Your Way to Success

What is your definition of success? Who do you look at as a successful businessman, successful sports performer, actor, celebrity or even a successful family role model? The chances are you have some kind of an idol that you aspire to be like. Someone that in your eyes just gets it right in life… We […]