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Cutting-Edge Technology that’s making our athletes stronger, faster and more resilient

We test our athletes to determine their unique Sparta Science profile. If their profile is good, we will seek to enhance this profile. If the profile highlights an issue or doesn't fit the sport that they play, then we will adapt their training programme to alter their profile.

Developing a Strength and conditioning programme is an art. Your coach can create the best training program in the world, but that doesn’t mean it’s right for you…

No two athletes are the same. Just as we all look different, we move in different ways, have different needs, and individual strengths, weaknesses and imbalances.   One athlete may respond incredibly well to a training programme while others may see no benefit, and may in fact become weaker, or more prone to injury.

In a team setting this can be particularly challenging. It’s near on impossible for strength coaches to assess their athletes as frequently as they would like when they are managing dozens of athletes.

That’s where Sparta comes in. Sparta Science is a unique software platform that uses data to assess performance.  The foundation of Sparta is the Movement Signature Scan, a standardised assessment that requires athletes to perform six vertical jumps on a force plate.

The scan assesses three aspects of a jump:
    •    Load – The eccentric force that occurs as you lower into a jump.
    •    Explode – The concentric force that occurs when you extend your hips, knees and ankles to jump.
    •    Drive – Your actual jumping height and ability to hang in the air.

The resulting data is displayed as three columns on a bar graph. If any one of the three columns is below a set threshold, or if there’s too much separation between the columns, the system indicates one or more risks, which can actually be correlated to various injuries.

For example, based on an individuals test scores, the platform might indicate that an athlete is at risk for a hamstring or lower-back injury.

We can then use this information to adapt an athletes training programme, implementing corrective exercises and personalised strength training strategies to get ahead of the injury before it happens.

There’s no guesswork. The data drives the decision.

The result: athletes who are stronger and more resistant to injury.

Numerous professional sports teams in the USA have embraced the Sparta Science system to support their athletes, these include The Atlanta Falcons, Cleveland Cavaliers, San Diego Padres and Golden State Warriors.

Pro Sport Lab is now bringing Sparta Science technology to the UK.


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