Are You Simply Running Towards The Treatment Couch?

Whether you’re a competitive runner or you incorporate running into your training, you want to ensure that you can enjoy a pain free experience. Athletes often become focussed on increasing the intensity and duration of their training runs, but often spend little time on their technique, until injury occurs. My advice is always to move […]

“You Gotta Roll with It”: Foam Rolling Explained

Everyone would love to have a massage every day, but for most people, this simply isn’t possible! So, how can you massage yourself effectively? Voilà, foam rolling! Foam rolling is essentially a way for you to massage yourself using a padded cylinder to roll through different tissues of the body to create similar effects to […]

The Incredible Benefits of Red Light Therapy

red light therapy lights

Red light therapy is a technique used in dermatological science that utilizes low-level near-infrared light wave frequencies to address all manner of issues from skin conditions such as wrinkles or scars, to fat loss, muscle recovery and cell regeneration. History of Red Light Therapy Early uses of Red Light Therapy can be traced back as […]