Jet lag protocol

We have created a specialised Jet Lag Protocol Service designed to support elite athletes and high performing individuals in managing their travel schedules effectively to optimise their performance around the world.

Jet lag can disrupt your body’s natural circadian rhythm, impacting your energy levels, focus, and overall performance. Our Jet Lag Protocol Service provides a comprehensive approach to help you minimise the effects of jet lag and arrive at your destination ready to excel.

By implementing tailored strategies and protocols, we ensure that you not only survive your travel demands, but thrive in it, giving you a competitive edge wherever you go.

what we offer

1. Personalised Travel Schedule Analysis

Our experienced performance coaches provide ongoing support and guidance to help you implement the jet lag protocol effectively and make necessary adjustments as needed.

2. Expert Guidance and Support

We analyse your travel itinerary and create a customised plan to optimise your sleep, nutrition, and activity levels before, during, and after your journey.

3. Strategic Sleep Management

We develop sleep strategies tailored to your specific needs, including tips for adjusting to new time zones, optimising sleep quality, and enhancing recovery.

4. Nutritional Recommendations

Our nutrition experts design meal plans and hydration strategies to support your performance goals while traveling, ensuring you maintain optimal energy levels and focus.

5. Training Adaptations

We help you adjust your training routines based on your travel schedule, ensuring that you can maintain your physical condition and performance levels no matter where you are in the world.

benefits of our jetlag protocol service

Improved performance and focus during competitions, meetings, or important events.

Reduced recovery time after long flights, allowing you to be at your best sooner.

Enhanced overall well-being and productivity while traveling for work or competition.

Don't let jet lag hinder your success

Utilise our Jet Lag Protocol Service and unlock your full potential wherever your ambitions take you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how our specialised service can elevate your performance to new heights.