We're proud to have partnered with Sparta Science to become one of the first facilities in Europe to offer this exceptional service and believe that it provides our athletes with a unique edge to reduce the risk of injury and enhance athletic performance.
David Osgathorp
Performance Director

Performance and Injury Risk Identification

Your current training programme could be increasing your risk of injury, not reducing it. At The Pro Sport Lab we take all of our athletes through Sparta Scans to identify individual strengths and weaknesses and injury indicators. 

By scanning each athlete we are able to take a comprehensive look into an individual’s movement qualities by measuring the force they are able to produce and also the efficiency of their movement, which enables us to determine an individual’s risk of suffering an injury,

The Sparta System enables us to measure upper and lower body imbalances in 3 dimensions and create bespoke training and rehabilitation programmes.

Performance Enhancement 

The Sparta Scan creates a unique profile for each athlete highlighting their specific strengths and weaknesses.

The Sparta system is much more than just a force platform, the real magic lies in its machine learning software, which has a cloud database of over 1 million assessments. Your movement scan is compared to those on the Sparta cloud database to give you a unique score, identifying your strengths, accurately predicting your injury risks and aiding your recovery.  

From this data we create a bespoke training programme focussed on exactly what your body needs to stay healthy and enhance athletic performance.

Watch how we Reduce the Risk of Injury for all Sports