Meditation – Your High-Performance Superpower

Meditation is often be misunderstood by many and seen as something that is better suited to a yoga studio rather than a performance training environment. However, I completely disagree with this assumption and see it as a practice that can be used as an incredibly powerful technique to focus the mind and to train attention […]

Is Your New Years Resolution to Fail More?

It’s that time of year when you sit down and plan out exactly how 2022 is going to look for you. You list out all of your wins, your visualise your successes, and you plan out the simple month by month steps that will take you to your end of year goal – It looks […]

Are You Comfortably Uncomfortable?

In my experience I have learned that often what many people would consider to be the most challenging cases, can in fact turn out to be the easiest and most rewarding clients to work with, let me explain… Working with someone who is 6 stone overweight and diagnosed with diabetes is easy. Working with a […]

Let’s Talk About Your Mental Health.

It is clear that the COVID-19 pandemic is taking its toll on the mental health of all of us. Self-isolating, sacrificing social connections and worrying about your uncertain work situation is enough to leave anyone feeling overwhelmed, depressed, and demoralized. Whilst the consistent message is to talk about any problems you may be experiencing, you […]

What Makes Up a High-Performance Team?

When you picture a high-performance team, what image comes to mind? Is it a championship winning sports team? An extraordinarily successful corporate business? Or perhaps a family unit that pulls together in an exceptional way to get the best out of each other? The phrase “High Performance Team” often means something different to all of […]

Fail Your Way to Success

What is your definition of success? Who do you look at as a successful businessman, successful sports performer, actor, celebrity or even a successful family role model? The chances are you have some kind of an idol that you aspire to be like. Someone that in your eyes just gets it right in life… We […]