Resilience: Stop running from failure.

Why do we worry so much about avoiding failure when it teaches us so much? One of my favourite quotes about failure is from JK Rowling who said “Some failure in life is inevitable. It is impossible to live without failing at something. Unless you have lived so cautiously, you might not have failed at […]

Are You Simply Running Towards The Treatment Couch?

Whether you’re a competitive runner or you incorporate running into your training, you want to ensure that you can enjoy a pain free experience. Athletes often become focussed on increasing the intensity and duration of their training runs, but often spend little time on their technique, until injury occurs. My advice is always to move […]

Aerobic Base Training: The Science of Success

Endurance athletes have long understood the effectiveness of aerobic base training, or Zone 2 training, for achieving peak performance. While training in all zones is necessary, aerobic base training is a key part of any successful training plan as it not only improves overall levels of fitness but also prepares the body for more challenging […]

A Breath Of Fresh Air

  As we prepare to move out of lockdown AGAIN, we have taken steps to ensure that you are able toreturn to a truly safe and clean environment.   By purchasing an IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifier, we are able to ensure that the Pro Sport Lab has the cleanest and freshest air possible indoors. The filer features HyperHEPA […]

Announcing Our New Partnership with Sparta Science

The Pro Sport Lab is excited to announce a brand-new partnership agreement with Sparta Science; the industry’s gold standard for Force Plate Machine Learning. This technology embodies our philosophy of Data Driven Performance and provides athletes with vital information that can not only prolong their careers but enable them to achieve new levels of high […]

Which Type of Deadlift Is Best for You? Part 1

The deadlift, the ultimate show of strength. The ultimate challenge to your friends to see who is the strongest and who can walk away with bragging rights. One of, if not the best overall exercises one can do. If I could only do one exercise for the rest of my life, I’d probably pick the […]

Should You Use Protein Powder to Lose Weight and Tone?

A female friend recently asked me, “Am I supposed to use protein powder? Because I don’t want to gain muscle, I just want to tone and lose weight”. This isn’t a simple yes or no answer, so let’s take a deeper look into protein supplements… What is protein powder? Protein powder is a dietary supplement […]

Running fast but not getting anywhere…

Is your training programme actually making you slower? If you consider yourself to be a runner then I’m sure you’re out most days rain or shine, you put the miles in each week, you push yourself on the days that you really don’t feel like doing anything and you pride yourself on training hard each […]